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For some time now, I have been studying the arguments with regard to God’s existence put forward by both believers and atheists. A very clear conclusion emerges in my mind, and the reasoning leading to this conclusion is what I attempt to present in this series of articles. Much of the literature (there is a lot, and I have read widely) is often full of jargon, intricate complicated analysis and reasoning, or aimed at other professionals as part of a convoluted scientific debate. I do not claim that all of the basic material is mine; I have tried to integrate, summarise and simplify the signs and arguments for and against God’s (or a Designer’s) existence. I have tried to target readers that do not have a detailed knowledge of theology or the jargon used by professionals in this area.


Although I have faith and am a Christian, the majority of the signs presented in this series are independent of any specific religion or that you have faith at all. The only Christian-specific arguments are in the section on the covering the truth of the incarnation, life and meaning of Jesus’ sacrifice.

My purpose in writing this book is to summarise the compelling signs and evidence for God’s Existence, resulting in a:

  • Created Universe
  • Ideally Designed for Human Existence
  • Divine Purpose for Jesus Life and Resurrection

My focus is on the integration of the wide range of the evidence and therefore I do not cover each of the indicators in great detail. For further reading on each, I provide a list of references at the end of each chapter.

Having read a wide range of material on this subject and found it all interesting, informative and persuasive. However, there are two things that I am trying to simplify in this summary of the evidence:

  1. An integrated picture bringing all the key signs and evidence to date together for the everyday person.

Much of the material on this topic is presented in a formal, scientific style and format, aimed at refuting other ‘scientific’ arguments against God’s existence. This does not make for easy reading for non-scientists.

  1. The use of everyday language and diagrams where possible to present the arguments.

This material is often presented using a lot of text with many specialist terms that have to be looked up and remembered which tends to disrupt the flow of the argument or logic.

It is not my intention to preach to, or convert, anyone. My message is simple:

For God’s Sake, Think About the Implications!

This is not, however, simply an academic exercise. If you find that you are convinced by the evidence, you have to consider what it means for the way you live your life.


No matter where we look, from the edge of the Universe to the smallest quantum particle, we see evidence of a Creator and Designer at work. I will be examining the signs using the following simple framework. This covers everything from the Physical (the domain of science), the Mental (thought and logic) to the Metaphysical (extrasensory perceptions, spirituality and other non-physical signs.

Material Signs

Mental Signs Metaphysical Signs
Physical Reality Thought & Logic

Extra-Sensory Evidence

Scientific Method
The systematic observation, measurement, experiment and the formulation, testing and modification of hypotheses.
• Measurement & Observation
• Testable
• Data Records
• Repeatable (Replication)
• Falsifiable
• Predictions
• Peer Review

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